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Refrigeration Insulation for Primo



Total Insulation has worked with Gordon Brothers Industries on a number of different refrigeration projects.  Our consistently high quality of work and level of professionalism meant that Total Insulation was the natural choice for what is currently the largest refrigeration project in Queensland, Primo.

Brought in to manage the cladding and injection insulation of all the refrigeration accumulators, compressors and pipework, Total Insulation has worked around the clock complete this extensive project within very tight schedules.

The new ammonia and glycol refrigeration system at Primo has involved the insulation of the accumulators (with diameter of up to 2.5m), and connecting pipework to the plate freezer and pump compressors and also included the insulation of over 10km of pipework.  With pipes ranging in diameters of 100mm to 600mm and temperatures of -40 to 15 degrees, the project needed to be handled by a company with extensive experience. Total Insulation’s dedication to providing the highest quality service has meant that extra manpower and hours have been allocated to ensure this project is delivered on time despite the tight timeframe.

Total Insulation have insulated and clad the refrigeration pipework on a number of our jobs in Queensland. Going in to any of these jobs, our main need has been to make sure that the work can be done on a tight schedule, often needing it done after hours, 7 days a week. They’re always fast and professional, and deliver great benefits in terms of delivering a sizable enough team that is able to get the job done on time at a decent price. The jobs always look great when finished

Shaun Kelly

Gordon Brothers Industries

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