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High Temperature Pipe Ducting & Equipment Insulation

When you work on marine vessels, or around boilers or industrial ovens, you know that the equipment and the surrounding area can get really (really) hot. In fact, the temperature can vary up to 1100C. The right insulation solution ensures that you, your team and your end-user stay safe and that the equipment continues to work properly and efficiently. And that means better performance and safety, and less operating costs.

High-temperature pipe ducting and equipment insulation is used with high-temperature applications to enable the equipment to handle the heat being applied.

At Total Insulation, our high-temperature solutions are expertly designed and installed, using only the highest quality products. We work with you to support your project needs, your budget and your timeline.

large steam boiler with high temperature pipe ducting

Where High Temperature Pipe Ducting & Equipment Insulation Is used

Marine vessels





Power stations

Industrial ovens




Steam boilers

long high temperature pipe duct


  • Fiberglass
  • Rockwool
  • Ceramic fibre


Excellent heat conservation


Resistant to thermal shock

Fire resistance


Chemically and temperature stable

Personal protection

Sound absorption properties

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