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Thermal Insulation Covers

Insulation is important for your project – but access is equally important to the end user. Custom-fit, removable thermal insulation covers answer both of those needs.

Removable covers for high temperature equipment and applications provide highly effective insulation, that reduce heat loss and improve safety. But most importantly, you don’t lose time, or need to dedicate more money to reinsulating when you do need to access that application. 

Routine maintenance or repairs shouldn’t mean a full re-insulation process. At Total Insulation we can design your insulation solution to include thermal insulation covers where you need them.

Where we use it

  • Oil refineries
  • Gas plants
  • Power plants
  • Turbine plants
  • Processing plants

What it’s used for

Thermal insulation covers can be custom fit to suit your project and needs. We can create diverse combinations of high-temperature materials, facings and finishings that are high-performing and durable.


  • Minimises maintenance and repair time
  • High- performing thermal insulation
  • Energy cost saving
  • Insulates against noise
  • Allows for chemical expansion
  • Protects equipment
  • Personal protection
  • Custom fit for a wide range of applications

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